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Guilt by Orientation

The New York Times said the prosecution of Clay Shaw was "one of the most disgraceful chapters in the history of American jurisprudence." It was bad enough that Jim Garrison ruined Shaw's life, but Oliver Stone victimized him a second time in JFK.

Money quote from Kirchick's article:

Even if Shaw was innocent, Stone implied in an interview with Esquire, his prosecution would have been justified. Garrison’s attempt to “force a break in the case” and thereby discredit the Warren Commission was “worth the sacrifice of one man,” he said. It was a chillingly authoritarian sentiment, and in light of how Stone would go on to produce a series of hagiographic films about dictators, including Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, and former Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev, a portentous one.

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The FBI was warned in 1967 that Garrison might be running a shakedown operation of homosexuals in New Orleans.

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Alecia Long's book, Cruising for Conspirators: How a New Orleans DA Prosecuted the Kennedy Assassination as a Sex Crime, is required reading.

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Confidential Magazine in 1968 ran a series, written by a part-time Garrison staffer, about a homosexual conspiracy.

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An article, supposedly written by Jim Garrison, appeared in the German press, which theorized that a homosexual conspiracy was behind the JFK assassination.

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In another article, Garrison claims that Oswald and Ruby were homosexuals.

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