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James Phelan and Mark Lane Discuss Garrison's Homosexual Conspiracy

This is from a partial transcript of a discussion between Mark Lane and James Phelan. I don't have an exact date for this discussion, but it was probably in 1967.

Phelan refers to Breck Wald, who was Breck Wall, an entertainer whom Ruby phoned on the evening of November 23d. Garrison believed he ordered Ruby to kill Oswald.

The idea that homosexuals were "used" was also mentioned by Garrison to journalist Jack Anderson. A paragraph from On the Trail of Delusion: (page 78)

"Muckraker Jack Anderson, the partner of syndicated columnist Drew Pearson, also spent some time talking to Garrison. According to Pearson's March 24, 1967, diary entry, Garrison told Anderson, "The CIA definitely had a plot to assassinate Castro and had approached Clay Shaw, a reputable, wealthy homosexual businessman, as a man who could execute the plot. Shaw was part of the homosexual ring, including Ferrie and Ruby in Dallas." At this point, Garrison thought the plot was to assassinate Castro, but "when Oswald was refused his visa to Cuba, the conspirators then turned around and decided to assassinate Kennedy. They used Oswald as a patsy. He was the only non-homo member of the ring. They figured he was so mentally disturbed, and so at odds with the world, that he could be used as the fall guy."

And where did these people go after they left the camp? According to Garrison, they went to Dallas. Here are some notes from journalist Hoke May:


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