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Was Fletcher Prouty an Antisemite? Part Three

Updated: Apr 29, 2023

For those of you who missed the first two parts, here are the relevant links:

A look at Prouty's association with the Liberty Lobby.

A Fletcher Prouty letter has some explicit antisemitism.

The Journal of Historical Review was an antisemitic publication of The Institute for Historical Review which focused on holocaust denial.

Here is the cover of an issue from Spring, 1990.

That's quite the lineup. David Irving, a controversial historian who has questioned Hitler's role in the Holocaust and is prone to making antisemitic statements. Robert Faurisson wrote a letter to Yad Vashem in 1974 telling that that there had been no Holocaust. You can read about Doug Collins here. You can read about Mark Weber here.

Primary goals? The primary goal of the Institute was Holocaust denial.


Fletcher Prouty was an antisemite.

Previous Relevant Blog Posts on Fletcher Prouty

Jeremy Gunn tells an audience that Fletcher Prouty was totally unreliable.

Fletcher Prouty actually claimed that Marina Oswald was in on the plot.

Mr. DiEugenio can't explain why Fletcher Prouty did such a poor job of testifying before the ARRB.

A summary document of his interview with the ARRB

Here is a link to the complete transcript of Prouty's interview with the ARRB along with some other documents.

Another summary document from the ARRB about Prouty's allegations and Army intelligence.

Prouty had some very unsavory relationships with antisemitic groups.

Was Fletcher Prouty's Trip to Antarctica Unusual?

Regarding Christchurch, New Zealand and The Christchurch Star

Regarding the 112th Intelligence Corps (INTC) Group and/or the 316th INTC Detachment

Did Prouty keep the notes from his supposed phone call about Army intelligence?

Prouty's experience with military presidential protection duties.

Flagrant failure by the Secret Service to take minimum precautions?

Did Lee Harvey Oswald participate in a covert program in Indonesia in 1958?

Was General Edward Lansdale in one of the pictures of the three tramps?


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