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Was Fletcher Prouty an Antisemite? Part Two

Updated: Apr 17

In October 2021, I wrote a blog piece on Fletcher Prouty and his antisemitism.

I noted Prouty's association with the Liberty Lobby, an organization founded by Willis Carto who believed that the Jews were “public enemy number one.”

This caused some controversy when Oliver Stone's film JFK was released. Stone repeatedly excused Prouty, noting in one forum that “he never made any single one anti-semitic comment” and that “he joined the Liberty Lobby late in life.”

Readers of my book, On the Trail of Delusion -- Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser, will know that I actually provided firm evidence of an antisemitic comment by Fletcher Prouty. I have now decided to post this evidence here so that everybody can see it.

It comes in the form of a letter that Fletcher Prouty wrote in 1981. I found this letter at NARA when going through the correspondence of Richard E. Sprague, a conspiracy theorist who focused on the photographic evidence.

Here is the letter:

The offensive material is found on the first page:

The letter discusses the problems of military technology. Note the second paragraph: "Suppose the guy running it is a Jewish Sgt.?"

Fletcher Prouty was an antisemite.


Here is the ADL report on Willis Carto which mentions Fletcher Prouty

Download PDF • 573KB

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