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Ray Palmer's Letter to Jim Garrison

I previously posted an article about Fred Crisman, who was one of Garrison's favorite suspects.

Ray Palmer popularized the UFO craze in the United States, and he shared an interest about Crisman with Jim Garrison. They corresponded in 1968. I don't have Garrison's letter to Palmer, but here is Palmer's letter to Garrison: (you can see Garrison's underlines and notations)

This is all madness, no?

Fred Crisman testified before the New Orleans Grand Jury on November 21, 1968, just before this letter was sent. Palmer spells out in Crisman's role in the Maury Island fraud and so Garrison knew that Crisman was a conman. That didn't stop Garrison from naming Crisman as a grassy knoll assassin in his manuscript.

In March 1976, Palmer wrote a letter to the editor of Gray Barker's Newsletter, which was devoted to the study of UFOs. Here is his letter:

Palmer writes that "there is a definite link between flying saucers, the Shaver Mystery, the Kennedy(s) assassinations, Watergate and Fred Crisman."

Now you know.

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