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The Life and Lies of Fred Crisman

Updated: Sep 21, 2023

This article, from the Fortean Times, issue #355, is a pretty good overview of the life of Fred Crisman.

This is a pretty good article, but it goes off the rails towards the end.

Fred Crisman was a conman who fooled Garrison. He was involved with Thomas Beckham in a host of ridiculous schemes and they both liked creating fake diplomas and degrees. Garrison learnt of them through anonymous letters and my theory is that Crisman was the author.

Coming up: I will be publishing a letter that Ray Palmer, who helped popularize the UFO craze, wrote Jim Garrison in 1968.

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Jim Garrison was interviewed by the HSCA in 1977 and here is a link to a tape and a transcript and many relevant documents.

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A memo from Jim Garrison to the HSCA discusses Thomas Beckham and Fred Crisman.

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Accompanying exhibits to the above memo from Garrison to the HSCA.

For a while, Garrison was convinced that Crisman was one of the assassins.

A shadowy figure told Garrison investigator Bill Boxley about Fred Crisman.

Another memo from Garrison to the HSCA.


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