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Was Fred Crisman Behind the JFK Assassination?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Jim Garrison thought he was a very significant witness. Garrison subpoenaed Crisman to testify before the grand jury in New Orleans, but he had little to say.

For quite some time, Garrison believed that Crisman was one of the three tramps. Here is an excerpt from Crawdaddy Magazine in 1975.

Of course, we now know that Crisman was NOT one of the tramps. By the way, when I was last in Dallas, Robert Groden insisted that Crisman was one of the tramps.

Garrison submitted three memos to the HSCA about Crisman. And, propinquity tied Crisman to Clay Shaw!

Here is one of Garrison's memos to the HSCA, and don't worry, we'll be publishing the other two.

It's all insane, in so many ways. What I find interesting is that you will not find one mention of Fred Crisman in Garrison's book, On The Trail of the Assassins. I wonder why.

I have a complete chapter about Fred Crisman, and his so-called protege, Thomas Beckham, in my book On the Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser.


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