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Flying Saucers Magazine, May 1958: Fred Crisman

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Our quiz from yesterday was regarding the May 1958 issue of Flying Saucers magazine:

The relationship to the JFK assassination is Fred Crisman, who was one of Jim Garrison's main suspects in his so-called JFK investigation. Crisman was involved in a flying saucer hoax and the May 1958 issue contained part one of a three-part series on his story.

Click on the Fred Crisman tab below to see other relevant posts including what Jim Garrison told the HSCA about him.

The Fred Crisman material starts on page 60 below.

The Fred Crisman material starts with "The Tacoma Affair."

I'll be posting the next two episodes from Flying Saucers Magazine shortly.

Just for fun, here is the inside back cover of this issue:

And here is the back cover:


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