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Jim Garrison's Exhibits to his HSCA Memo on Fred Crisman and Thomas Beckham

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Yesterday, I posted Jim Garrison's memo to the HSCA regarding Fred Crisman and Thomas Beckham. The memo included two pages describing several exhibits Garrison included:

Here is my transcription of these two pages. There are still a few words that I cannot make out, so if you have an idea, please let me know.

Now, here are the exhibits:

Exhibit 1: Beckham's Arrest Record

This was his rap sheet from 1968 - there was more to come...

Exhibit 2: Anonymous Letter A

Exhibit 3: Anonymous Letter "B"

(see the link above for comments on this letter)

Exhibit 4: Letter from Beckham. I don't have this exhibit.

Exhibit 5: Circular Re: Preaching of "Dr." Beckham, "Evangelist"

Exhibit 6: Circular for Beckham as "Mark Evans"

Exhibit 7: Radio News Interview in Tacoma with Crisman:

Crisman was not one of the three tramps. He was teaching in a high school on November 22, 1963.

Exhibit 8: Statement of David Lewis

David Lewis did some work for Guy Banister and he was the one who called the FBI about Beckham's phony charity work in the anti-Castro Cuban cause.

Exhibit 9: States-Times 2/1/68 Story on Beckham

Exhibit 10: Better Business Bureau, Lincoln Nebraska Article about Beckham

Did Garrison really believe any of Beckham's degrees were real? He had called Beckham before the grand jury in 1968 and he knew Beckham only had a grade seven education. And, Beckham lied about that. He told the HSCA he only had a grade three education.

All of this material makes one wonder why Garrison took Beckham and Crisman seriously. They were con men who made their own fake credentials and fake diplomas. They went into business together to steal money. Garrison saw the BBB reports and yet he still wondered which University Beckham had gone to.

He should have told the HSCA to not waste their time. Instead, have a look at this:

Garrison believed that Beckham knew Lee Harvey Oswald - the con man fooled the conspiracy theorist.

I should add that Beckham was in jail while on trial in Alabama when the above memo was written. He was being charged with fraud but got off because the jury bought his story that he was a CIA agent. The prosecutor was Jeff Sessions. But, that's yet another story.

Besides this memo, Garrison wrote another memo to the HSCA appended with questions to for them to ask Beckham.

What an utter waste of time! At some point, even Garrison realized it was all ridiculous - Beckham and Crisman were not mentioned once in his book, On The Trail of The Assassins.


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