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Did Sandra Anderson Have a Photograph of Clay Shaw with David Ferrie?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

James DiEugenio, in his book Destiny Betrayed, writes: (page 208)

"This collection by attorneys Bill and Ed Wegmann includes a report by Wackenhut - a detective agency the Wegmanns hired - of an interview of a secretary who worked for attorney G. Wray Gill. Gill had employed David Ferrie as an investigator on some of his cases, including his work for Carlos Marcello. This secretary, named Sandra Anderson, told the detectives that she had seen a photograph depicting Shaw with Ferrie."

DiEugenio's source is Probe Magazine, Volume 4 Number 8, page 8, which is not very helpful, since many issues are not online, In this case, that article is now online and page 8 does indeed give us more information:

"In a report to the Wegmanns by Wackenhut agents along with [sic] WDSU reporter Rick Townley (4/19/67), there are references to attorney G. Wray Gill. In this report she said she had a photo depicting both Shaw and Ferrie." [emphasis in original]

Ok, the source is a report of an interview of Rick Townley. I have all the detective reports in the Wegmann/Dymond files, and here is that memo:

A few points about this memo:

  1. Of course, the photograph in question is not available. An FBI agent came and confiscated it. Sound familiar?

  2. Sandra Anderson also claimed that David Ferrie was in Dallas "right around the assassination period." We know that is not true.

  3. She claimed she made airline reservations for David Ferrie and Clay Bertrand, but Townley could find no evidence to support that allegation.

  4. An interesting aside about Betty Parrott (mentioned on page three) - that she was known as "the mother hen to all the homosexuals in the French Quarter." We have previously blogged about Parrott (a.k.a. Parrot or Parent) - and her inability to find Clay Bertrand back in 1963. In addition, Parrott also talked to both the FBI and the Garrison investigation.

Anderson said that Morris Brownlee took the photograph. And, guess what? The Wackenhut detectives talked to Brownlee. Here is the memo:

On page four, Brownlee told Wackenhut that "he never had his picture taken anyplace with SHAW or DAVID FERRIE and that he never took their pictures." He added that "this is the first time that he has heard of such an alleged episode."

On May 3, 1967, Brownlee called up Wackenhut to "state he was interested in clearing David Ferrie's name in the investigation." He also added this about the picture:

Now, you might expect that the denials from Morris Brownlee about the picture might be reported by James DiEugenio. He never mentions it in his book or in Probe Magazine. You might expect that the other ridiculous claims by Sandra Anderson might give one some concern about her credibility. Nope, not all in. In fact, James DiEugenio just repeated the allegation this week on the Education Forum:

Now, the Anderson allegation is also proof that "Shaw's lawyers knew he was lying."

All of this begs the question: Did James DiEugenio actually read all the Wackenhut reports?


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