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Did David Ferrie Go Fishing with Clay Shaw?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Here is a memo from the Garrison files about a possible Clay Shaw - David Ferrie connection.

Now, this memo is unclear as to whether David Ferrie flew "or made arrangements" to fly Shaw to the island. Of course, Clay Shaw did not like to fly, and so the whole premise is somewhat shaky.

Here is a follow-up memo:

Now Milligan supposedly brought back Clay Shaw to New Orleans, but the description of the two men he did bring back do not match Clay Shaw. Clay Shaw was 6' 4" tall - some five inches taller than the taller of the two men. He did select a photograph of Shaw and said "this was similar to one of the men he had picked up." However, he "did not get a very good view of either of the men in a fully erect position."

Even if Clay Shaw did go fishing, there is no indication that he knew David Ferrie - just as clearly he didn't know Natt Milligan. All we know from the memo is that Ferrie may have flown four fishermen to the island.

This doesn't stop conspiracy theorists from claiming that this is further evidence of a Clay Shaw - David Ferrie link.

James DiEugenio is his book The JFK Assassination writes: (page 180)

" . . . there are at least three other witnesses in Garrison's files who connected Shaw with Ferrie: L. P. Davies [sic] Jr., Charles Krop, and Betty Rubio."

And, of course, Mr. Davis was not called to testify at the Clay Shaw trial.



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