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Did Clay Shaw know David Ferrie? Part One

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

It's a very interesting question. Both denied knowing each other. Clay Shaw's friends never saw him with David Ferrie, and David Ferrie's friends never saw him with Clay Shaw (the only exception being Perry Russo which we can discount). There is certainly a possibility they might have seen each other at various gay bars - although I am sure they hung out with different crowds. And I need not point out that there is nothing nefarious about them knowing each other.

James DiEugenio in his book, Destiny Betrayed, lists some of the witnesses that claim they had seen Shaw and Ferrie together (page 209).

Today, let's examine the claim above about David Logan, who was brought to the attention of Garrison by Henry Lesnick:

Lesnick has talked to a number of researchers and the person he was referring to was David Logan. It's interesting to note that the above memo was written in 1969, after the Clay Shaw trial, as part of the Shaw Leads II campaign. In fact, they had already spoken to Logan almost a year earlier. Perhaps the memo writer was unaware of that fact.

Here is the transcript of the interview between James Alcock and David Logan.

It is interesting to note that the character Willie O'Keefe, in Oliver Stone's film JFK, was a composite character based on four people, one of which was David Logan. The scene in the film with Shaw seated at a 9-foot table is taken directly from this interview. However, it is extremely doubtful that Shaw owned such a table - his apartment was way too small.

Don Carpenter, in his book Man of a Million Fragments, notes that several other details in the interview, are correct.

Note that the interview directly contradicts the claim of DiEugenio. He says that Logan was introduced to Shaw by Ferrie. That is simply not true. It was only pointed out to Logan that Ferrie was at the party later on - after the party. So, Shaw and Ferrie might have been at the same party - but Logan never saw them interacting.

Jim Garrison got it all wrong in his book, On The Trail of the Assassins. (page 119)

Ferrie did not introduce Logan to Shaw at Dixie's.

By the way, David Logan might still be alive. I've tried to locate him, but I have very few clues to go on.

Stay tuned! I will be going over the other witnesses that claim Shaw knew Ferrie.

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