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Did Charles Krop Have a Recording mentioning Shaw & Ferrie?

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Our blog post from yesterday looked at L. P. Davis who provided information about a possible Clay Shaw - David Ferrie Link. Here is another such witness - equally unbelievable.

In 1965, the FBI in Chicago received some information about an assassination attempt on Fidel Castro:

A few weeks later there was some additional information:

So, what really happened? Well, Mr.. Conte has the whole story:

The FBI talked to Milian and Rodriguez when they returned to Chicago:

Charles Krop was a good man who worked with Catholic organization helping a variety of people over the years. Did Krop just hear these two guys talking, or fantasizing about getting rid of Castro? Or was Krop thinking that perhaps the FBI would be interested in funding the project?

I should add that Rodriguez Quesada was very active in anti-Castro activities in the early 1960s, but had run into some difficulties:

Here is another report on Quesada:

OK, back to Charles Krop, who comes forward in March 1967 when he calls Garrison's office with some important information:

Was Krop trying to be helpful? Did he have some sort of urge to be the center of attention? Or did he realize that the only way to get Garrison's attention was to add Clay Shaw and David Ferrie into the mix? And now claiming he had audio tapes?

A few weeks later, Sgt. Duffy, after trying several times, got hold of Krop to inquire further about the tapes:

Garrison's notation refers back to the "fag ball" in 1962 in which 96 people were arrested (One person must have been a Carlos Rodriguez, which is probably a fairly common name in the Latin community).

Not surprisingly, no tapes ever arrived.

In September, 1968 Garrison was holding a conference in New Orleans with his investigators (and buffs like Bernard Fensterwald and Richard Sprague) and Charles Krop was mentioned.

F = Bernard Fensterwald

G = Jim Garrison

Box = Billl Boxley

Gee, what kind of guy did Fensterwald have in mind?

In 1969, Charles Krop was involved with the Black Panther Party, no doubt trying to be helpful:

In September 1977 Garrison sent the Krop lead to the HSCA. Clearly, he had not worked the lead at all:

Charles Krop is now a witness that can link Clay Shaw to David Ferrie. James DiEugenio wrote in The JFK Assassination that "there are at least three other witnesses in Garrison's files who connected Shaw with Ferrie: L. P. Davies Jr. [sic], Charles Krop, and Betty Rubio." (page 180)

Well, yes, there are reports like Krop's in Garrison's files. But are they credible?

Here is Krop's obituary.


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