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Mark Lane vs. Sylvia Meagher

Updated: May 21, 2023

In the fall of 1967, Sylvia Meagher published Accessories After the Fact: The Warren Commission, The Authorities & The Report. Her "Epilogue: A New Investigation" included a few paragraphs about the Garrison investigation:

The back cover included several blurbs, one of which was Mark Lane's:

Here is an ad for Accessories After the Fact in Book World:

Mark Lane was not happy with Bobbs-Merrill using his blurb, and Mort Sahl included a segment about Meagher's book in his act. Meagher wrote Sahl a letter:

The publisher of Accessories After the Fact also wrote Sahl:

Mark Lane then wrote to Robert Ockene:

Sylvia Meagher replied to Mark Lane:


Here is an excerpt from a letter that Sylvia Meagher sent to Tom Bethell:

Update 2

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