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Hal Verb on Raymond Broshears

Of course, there was no relationship between Eladio del Valle and David Ferrie.

Broshears was almost certainly not David Ferrie's roommate, as indicated by Hal Verb above, and by Stephen Roy as well. Broshears also clamed that he slept with Lee Harvey Oswald; that Kerry Thornley was gay; and that Thornley's body was used in the backyard photographs. Oh, and at a seance Broshears claimed that he channeled Lee Harvey Oswald.

At some point, Summers realized that Broshears was a fabulist and his books do not mention him.

Previous Relevant Blog Posts on Raymond Broshears

A link to a tape of his testimony and a transcript.

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Bill Turner sent a memo to Stephen Burton saying that he should find and interview Raymond Broshears. Here is Burton's memo.

Broshears revealed the plot to the LA Free Press

Lane and Jaffe pay the good Reverend a visit.

Broshears even identified the three tramps.

Of course, they had to fly Broshears to New Orleans to tell more stories.

Broshears outs a Garrison suspect.

Broshears' newsletter discusses his trip to New Orleans

Hard to believe but the HSCA actually interviewed Broshears.

For some reason, conspiracy theorists believe Broshears is credible.

James DiEugenio believes that Raymond Broshears corroborates the existence of a Leon Oswald.


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