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Reverend Raymond Broshears Talks to the HSCA

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

On May 18, 1977 Raymond Broshears was interviewed by the HSCA in his home resulting in a 42-page transcript of their discussion. Here are the highlights.

Interviewed by Howard Gilbert (G), Also present: Jack Moriarty (M).

Broshears on meeting David Ferrie

Broshears told Garrison that he met David Ferrie in 1965.

Once again, Broshears isn't too clear

Broshears now says he met Lee Harvey Oswald

But Broshears told Garrison he had never been in Ferrie's apartment

Excerpt from Broshears' fourth interview with Garrison's investigators.

Broshears saw Oswald a second time

Broshears never said a word about meeting Oswald to Garrison investigators.

Broshears says Layton Martens was also there.

Broshears adds some detail about Martens

HSCA Interviewers are using a conspiracy book

The HSCA is showing pictures from Gary Shaw's book Cover-Up. Glad to know that Shaw mentioned Raymond Broshears.

Why didn't Ferrie fly out the assassins?

He told Garrison there were two assassins. Now he has three assassins.

Broshears says people were trying to kill David Ferrie

Broshears had a diary but he burned it...

Broshears now says he never met Clay Shaw and that Ferrie was murdered..

Broshears says he was shot at in New Orleans

What happened next?

Broshears mashes the names of the assistant District Attorneys. Lou Ivon was the top investigator and Andrew Sciambra [pronounced Shambra] was an assistant District Attorney. This story is just pure fantasy.

Broshears has a bombshell - Andrew Sciambra had David Ferrie Killed

Broshears says Ferrie called him on the telephone with the information...

Broshears did not tell Garrison everything

Of course, David Ferrie did have an autopsy, and it was a very good forensic autopsy. He died of a berry aneurysm - natural causes.

Broshears earlier said Ferrie was killed; now he says he was going to kill himself

But, he explains that was in 1965, not 1967.

Broshears says that Garrison promised him immunity

Broshears is right about Mark Lane

Broshears has clearly been reading conspiracy books.

These highlights from Broshears' testimony reveal a bad con man. No one could take Broshears seriously. Not surprisingly, you will not find his name in the HSCA Final Report or in any of their volumes of evidence. But, what about the Garrison conspiracy books? How do they treat Broshears?

Stay tuned. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.

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