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Reverend Raymond Broshears Tells Even More in New Orleans!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Raymond Broshears was interviewed twice in New Orleans which resulted in two lengthy transcripts. Instead of posting the entire memos, I am posting the highlights - today, from the first interview and tomorrow, the second.

Large parts of these memos are streams of consciousness - they just let Broshears talk away. And throughout his rambling monologue, he let loose with a variety of names associated with Garrison's investigation.

Broshears on Thomas Beckham

Thomas Beckham had already testified before Garrison's grand jury and his name had been plastered all over the papers in association with the case. Broshears either called Beckham or met him in person and found out what an easy mark Garrison was - he'll even pay your expenses to New Orleans. Garrison's notations are on the left - and throughout the two memos, he takes things quite seriously.

Broshears on Edgar Eugene Bradley

Jim Garrison indicted Edgar Eugene Bradley for conspiracy to kill JFK in December 1968. I tell the whole ridiculous story in my book, On The Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser. Broshears is now confirming to Jaffe that Bradley is one of the tramps along with 'hustler' Red Stowe. Of course, Bradley was not in Dallas on the day of the assassination - he was passing through El Paso on a marketing trip for his employer - Dr. Carl McIntire, a Christian radio evangelist.

Broshears on Jack Ruby

What a paragraph! I'm speechless.

Broshears on "the cell" and Tippit

(the 'he' in the first sentence is David Ferrie)

I would have found it hard to stop laughing at this point.

Broshears on the murder of J.D. Tippit

Broshears says that Ferrie said that Oswald shot and killed Tippit. Garrison writes in the margin that this is "possible misinformation originating from Ferrie - but misinformation, in any case." How about just plain silliness from Broshears? The last part about Shaw is obscene.

Broshears on Clay Shaw's Blackmail of David Ferrie

Broshears claims that Clay Shaw has some pictures or film of a 16-year-0ld boy with Ferrie and is blackmailing him. This is interesting because Oliver Stone included this in his film JFK, and here is the scene:

Besides this scene, Oliver Stone based the character of Willie O'Keefe (the gay hustler) on Perry Russo, David Logan, William Morris and Raymond Broshears. Here is an excerpt from page 66 of JFK: The Documented Screenplay.

Broshears on Fred Crisman's Sexuality

Homosexuality comes up in so many Garrison memos.

Broshears on Fred Crisman's Source of Money

Notice the last two lines - Broshears is adept at learning information from Garrison and others. A reporter from Tacoma believed that Crisman was trying to become head of a program to help Roma children just to steal the money. Well, Crisman was a con man.

Broshears Points the Finger at Layton Martens

But, Broshears has a good source - a 14-year-old girl.

Broshears on the Key to the Assassination

If only we could find the film or the 16-year-old boy, then we would know the truth about the assassination.

Broshears on Thomas Beckham

Three things stand out. First, that Andrew Sciambra called Beckham a "f------ liar." Second, that Broshears had been reading the newsapers about Beckham, and three, that Broshears had talked to Beckham on the phone.

How's this for stream of consciousness?

Broshears' Obsession with Layton Martens

There you have it - the highlights of Broshears' third interview. Tomorrow, the fourth interview and a very surprising revelation.

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