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Exclusive: Raymond Broshears on the Stan Bohrman Show, July 1968

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Here is a transcript of the audio recording, part one.

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Raymond Broshears told Stan Bohrman that he was a psychic: (2:18)

Stan Bohrman: Okay. Now, how did you get involved with all of these predictions and all of this clairvoyance?

Raymond Broshears: Well, I came into the full knowledge of my psychic abilities several years ago, and under various teachers, including Elaine Chambers of the City of Life in New Mexico. Elaine has helped me develop them over the years. I have been 97% correct in the prophecies that I have received in meditation during... my channeling during meditation. These have come to me and it's sort of a semi-trance state.

Stan Bohrman: Who talks to you during this time of meditation?

Raymond Broshears: I do not hear any voices.

Stan Bohrman: Well, how do you come to the conclusions that you do?

Raymond Broshears: They come in through me and then out, and then I write them out.

Bohrman confronted Broshears with some of his ridiculous predictions: (4:28)

Stan Bohrman: Well, I would tend to go along with Dr. Richter before I would tend to go along with a man who says that George Wallace is going to be elected president of the United States by six votes.

Raymond Broshears: I did not say that, sir.

Stan Bohrman: Who said that?

Raymond Broshears: The spirit said it.

Stan Bohrman: Oh, the spirit. But you put... Now here's some the things that Reverend Raymond Broshears, the channel, has said that is going to happen. Number one, George C. Wallace will be elected president of the United States by six electoral votes, another death in the Kennedy family, as well as the death of famous close friend... as a famous close friend, Cardinal Cushing. In other words, you are prophesying the death of Cardinal Cushing?

Raymond Broshears: Yes. Last year I prophesized the death of Cardinal Ritter and also Cardinal Fallon.

In the transcript, there is talk of a séance where Broshears channeled Lee Harvey Oswald.: (7:16)

Stan Bohrman: Okay, we're back again. We have our two unusual ministers, Reverend Raymond Broshears and Reverend Jeff Mann from the Church of God of Light. We'll be back to them in just a moment. Right now, we check in with Ted Myers in the newsroom. It's 18 minutes after 1:00. Here's something else. It says that you have been talking with Lee Harvey Oswald. How recently did you talk with Lee Harvey Oswald when he was in the beyond? Now he's of course been dead for five years now.

Raymond Broshears: This was done in a seance, as some of the traditional people prefer to call it. I was the channel, and the message came through me to the medium. There were several mediums in the room and this is the message that came forth. The reason they chose me was because of my close association with the late David Ferrie who had property belonging to Lee Harvey Oswald at the time that I knew David. So I had come in contact with some of Lee Harvey Oswald's clothing, and metal objects. So they felt that I would be a good channel, and these are the things that came through. Of course, it's quite controversial.

Stan Bohrman: Well, I don't think the fact that Lee Harvey Oswald very possibly did not even fire a gun that day is too controversial. But I think the thing that's controversial is that you talked to him from the beyond and that you... So he talked to you from the beyond actually, or talked to us through you.

Raymond Broshears: Yes.

Stan Bohrman: I'll just read one paragraph of this. I can't through the whole thing because it's too long. But it says, "I raised the rifle to aim at the target, and I suddenly realized that the target was the president of my country, my president. I couldn't go through with it. Then the motorcade came into sight. I dropped the rifle. I was wearing gloves, that accounts for the lack of fingerprints, and I started to run. And then Bill said, 'Shoot the so-and-so or you'll be shot.' I did not care. I just ran out of the book depository and then I knew that others had hit him. I ran, I ran for my life," and it goes on and on. I don't know, man.

Raymond Broshears: May I say something? You deny psychic phenomena, sir?

Stan Bohrman: No, I don't deny psychic phenomena, but I really don't think that you have talked to Lee Harvey Oswald. I really don't believe that you can prophesize correctly and knowledgeably all the things that you've said. I don't want to call you a charlatan because I have no basis in fact for calling you names. But I can't believe that you are telling the truth.

Here is a link with additional information about the séance: and here is an except from the May 1968 issue of The Light of Understanding, a magazine published by Raymond Broshears:

Reverend Raymond Broshears was a fabulist of the highest order. After this interview, he was contacted by Mark Lane and Stephen Jaffe and he was then subpoenaed by Jim Garrison. He spent a week in New Orleans being questioned. The links below have some of the crazy statements he made when he was questioned -- and it's no wonder he was never called as a witness in the Clay Shaw trial.

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