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Reverend Raymond Broshears Makes a Startling Revelation!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Raymond Broshears surprised everybody while he was in New Orleans. He confirmed a longstanding conspiracy belief about the Oswald backyard photographs. Here are highlights of his last interview in New Orleans and the startling revelation that Garrison would ultimately take to the HSCA.

Broshears on meeting David Ferrie

Now, what did Mark Lane tell Broshears? How much information is he getting from Lane, Jaffe and other Garrison investigators?

Broshears on threatening Lyndon Johnson

Broshears had previously told them that Clay Shaw was called Clara or Bert by David Ferrie.

Broshears on his arrest

Broshears gets himself committed

If this really happened, then Broshears is crazy. If it didn't happen, then Broshears is crazy.

Broshears on David Ferrie and the Assassination

Have a look at Jim Garrison's note on the left. It reads "Even if everything Broshears recalls is truly what Ferrie told him, it is apparent that Ferrie is giving him some garbage from time to time - to say the least. And this paragraph may be a good example." Really? Ferrie is giving him some garbage? How about Broshears is just making all of this up?

Broshears on Perry Russo

Well, Broshears was searching for words here...but I guess he couldn't figure out what to say about Russo.

Broshears on Ferrie's occupation

The films he talks about were in the possession of Shaw and were being used to blackmail Ferrie - according to Broshears.

Broshears on Carlos the Assassin

Note Garrison's notation on the left: "Carlos: an increasingly recurrent name with Ferrie."

Of course, there was not a record of such a crash.

Broshears meets Kerry Thornley in a gay bar

Not only does Broshears claim that David Ferrie knew Kerry Thornley, but that he met Thornley in a gay bar.

Broshears on Clay Shaw

Gee, if only Broshears had said that Clara used the name Bertrand, he might have testified in Clay Shaw's trial.

Broshears says Ferrie had some of Oswald's possessions

Ferrie had a hunter's cap that belonged to Oswald with an LH on the front?

Broshears says that Kerry Thornley was gay

This is ridiculous - Kerry Thornley was not in New Orleans in 1965 when Broshears was supposed to be there.

Broshears was threatened after his TV appearance

Let's see those papers, please!

I would have sent Broshears packing well before these interviews were completed. Actually, I would have never brought him to New Orleans. As you can see, Broshears believed that Thornley was gay. He went further in private conversations with Garrison's men. Here is an excerpt of a conference they had on September 21, 1968 (T = William Turner, Garrison investigator and Ramparts contributor, G = Jim Garrison, S = Richard Sprague, photo analyst, Sc = Andrew Sciambra, Assistant District Attorney):

This is insane. Thornley's body in the Oswald backyard photograph! Thornley had sex with Broshears?

Garrison repeated this nonsense in a memo to the HSCA n 1977. Here's the memo:

Of course, Garrison didn't dare mention that he based this theory on the allegations of Raymond Broshears, and he left out the part about his hips, etc.

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