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"Guilt by Orientation" - The CIA Strikes Again, Part Two

An important excerpt:

The film’s [JFK] ridiculous thesis is summed up in a line defiantly spoken to Garrison by O’Keefe: “You don’t know shit because you’ve never been fucked in the ass.” Apparently, the terrible truth about the assassination of John F. Kennedy was accessible only to bottoms. That JFK was released just as the number of gay men dying from AIDS was cresting compounds its repugnance.
Even if Shaw was innocent, Stone implied in an interview with Esquire, his prosecution would have been justified. Garrison’s attempt to “force a break in the case” and thereby discredit the Warren Commission was “worth the sacrifice of one man,” he said. It was a chillingly authoritarian sentiment, and in light of how Stone would go on to produce a series of hagiographic films about dictators, including Vladimir Putin, Hugo Chávez, Fidel Castro, and former Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbayev, a portentous one.
Hounded to the grave by a demagogic district attorney, Clay Shaw can no longer defend himself from Jim Garrison’s calumnies—or Oliver Stone’s. But at a time when prosecutorial abuses and conspiracy theories are undermining faith in our democracy, we would do well to heed the ordeal of a man victimized by both.

Lisa Pease, who appears in Oliver Stone's so-called documentary, JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, tweeted other silly stuff:

Lisa Pease @lisapease

The CIA's full court press to insist they had nothing to do with JFK's assassination is actually making their role that much more obvious. If they truly weren't involved, they would release the files and let the chips fall where they may. BUT (1/2)

4:38 PM · Jan 30, 2022

Lisa Pease @lisapease

... their longtime and successful infiltration of the JFK research community can only be explained in one way: They killed JFK and fear what would happen if the public raised an outcry over this. So they work from within to divide and conquer.

4:38 PM · Jan 30, 2022

Lisa Pease @lisapease

When Fred Litwin and Max Holland show up in my mailbox, I know the CIA is desperate. It's not a good look AT ALL.

4:39 PM · Jan 30, 2022

Lisa Pease @lisapease

The media's lies about the JFK assassination are DIRECTLY, IRREFUTABLY responsible for Trump becoming President. There's a very straight line there.

5:12 PM · Jan 30, 2022

Bonus tweet:

Lisa Pease @lisapease

I seriously think the British provoked some cut-outs to kill the Archduke as a way to start WWI and thus cut off Germany's access to Iraq's oil. Blew up the Berlin-to-Baghdad rail route. But I can't find good data on that connection - just hints. Anyone here got refs?

10:25 PM · Jan 31, 2022

In 2019, Lisa Pease wrote A Lie Too Big to Fail: The Real History of the Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy. Pease believes that Sirhan was hypnotized when he was shooting -- and that he was only firing blanks.

Falling further down the rabbit hole Pease argues that a hypnotized Sirhan served as a distraction in front of Kennedy, firing blanks and drawing the crowd’s attention, while the actual shooters shot Kennedy from behind and escaped. She cites a number of witnesses who thought the sounds of the shooting sounded as though they came from a cap gun emitting shredded paper which fluttered through the air. This is the totality of her proof that Sirhan did not fire real bullets.

Since I have been blocked on Twitter by Lisa Pease, if anybody finds more ridiculous tweets, please let me know.

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