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Clint Bolton on Kerry Thornley

Updated: Sep 24

Clint Bolton was a friend of Kerry Thornley and he had a column in the Vieux Carre Courier, a local New Orleans newspaper.

Here is an excerpt from one of his columns about Thornley:

Garrison indicted Thornley for perjury for maintaining that he did not bump into Lee Harvey Oswald in New Orleans in September 1963.

Thornley dedicated his 1965 book Oswald to Clint Bolton:

Of course, the Garrisonites reject Bolton as a reliable witness:

Here is an excerpt from a James DiEugenio article on Kerry Thornley:

During his two-year New Orleans stay of 1961-63, Thornley also befriended Clint Bolton, an associate of Courtney. (Ibid, Probe Magazine) Bolton wrote publicity copy for the FDC [Friends of Democratic Cuba]. And Thornley dedicated his 1965 book, entitled simply Oswald, to Bolton. (We will discuss this book later.) According to Garrison’s sources, Bolton was associated with the CIA.

What sources? And what does that mean, "associated with the CIA."?

Mr. DiEugenio does not tell us. By the way, Clint Bolton is not mentioned in Jim Garrison's book, On the Trail of the Assassins.

And here is a letter that Thornley sent to Sylvia Meagher:

Note the second to last paragraph:

Garrison could not not believe I was not associated with Ed Butler, even though I had never heard of the man when I was in N.O. to testify. Later I learned that Clint Bolton (a friend of mine who Wildgoose [Garrison] thinks is my "CIA babysitter") was acquainted with Butler briefly, but disliked him intensely.

So, Garrison thought that Clint Bolton was Thornley's CIA babysitter!

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