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Was Thornley the Second Oswald? Yes, Again!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Jim Garrison was convinced that Kerry Thornley was the second Oswald. Here is a memo regarding an interview with yet another felon about Oswald and Ruby.

You can see the Garrison notations throughout the document, and right at the top right of the first page, there is a checkmark next to Thornley. The Garrison notation on the left margin of the first page reads as follows:

Note: In '63, LO leaves NO on Sept. 24th
THORLEY [sic] arrives back in NO (after visiting Mexico) at the end of his 1 [?] month trip. [^ in early September] Passage through Dallas would have been reasonable.

And, of course, Oswald was hanging out with Ruby at the "hangout for homosexuals." Now, that sounds like Thornley! Or Oswald? Or the second Oswald?


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