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Thomas Beckham Wants to Sell You a University Degree!

We've written extensively about Thomas Beckham (see the links below), who testified before the Garrison grand jury and before the HSCA. You can read more about him in my book, On the Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser.

Anonymous letters sent to Jim Garrison convinced him that Fred Crisman and Thomas Beckham were persons of interest in the JFK assassination. The truth is that they were both conmen and they probably concocted the whole thing for some publicity and for a free trip to New Orleans.

Beckham claimed to have known Lee Harvey Oswald in 1963. He also made up stories about being involved with a variety of people in the assassination. You can read his story in his deposition to the HSCA:

thomas beckham hsca testimony
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Joan Mellen believed Thomas Beckham and featured his stories in her book, A Farewell to Justice.

Beckham's specialty is forged/faked University degrees. Beckham even published several of them in his book, Remnants of Truth. That post includes an hilarious exchange with the HSCA on his various degrees. Once he got going talking about his professional qualifications - and Beckham never made it to high school - they realized that he was some sort of nut.

The University was founded in 1927 and named after a Russian Jew, who fought in World War I, World War II, and the Korean War:

Arvel Monroe does not sound like a Russian Jewish name. Interestingly, in a handwritten document about his life, Thomas Beckham described Arvel Monroe as his father, unless, of course, his father was named after Arvel.

You can view the University's price list here. I guess you have to write to get actual prices.

I am surprised that Rabbi Beckham is not teaching any courses on Jewish theology.

It appears that the Rabbi's son is also on the Board of Trustees:

Susan Lynn Doyle and Dawn Boston are also listed as members of the Board of Trustees of Arvel Monroe University.

It looks like Life Management and Dr. Brian Beckham are in some trouble:

As we said in an earlier post, "Like Father, Like Son?"

Previous Relevant Posts on Thomas Beckham

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Some highlights from Beckham's book.

Garrison hand-wrote a long memo the HSCA about Crisman and Beckham. I provide a typed transcription.

Here are all the exhibits Garrison sent to the HSCA to support his memo.

Jim Garrison writes a memo to the HSCA about Beckham

Was Beckham with Oswald when he handing out his handbills in New Orleans?

Beckham told the HSCA about a package of documents that he had received and the trail led to a supposed map of Dealey Plaza.

Broshears and Beckham knew each other.

One witness from Clinton, Louisiana identified Thomas Beckham as one of the people with Clay Shaw.

A strange witness talks to a Garrison investigator about Thomas Beckham and Fred Crisman.

Two tips to Garrison mention Fred Crisman and Thomas Beckham.


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