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There Was No Plot against JFK in Tampa

Chad Nagle has published an article on Jefferson Morley's substack about threats to JFK in Florida in 1963.

Nagle writes:

Although the motorcade in Tampa went ahead as planned, eerie parallels with Dallas would emerge from facts ascertained after November 22. For example, the Secret Service was reportedly concerned about the Floridan Palace Hotel, an 18-story building on the motorcade route.

The Secret Service was "reportedly concerned." But the reality is that they weren't. The supposed concern was noted by Lamar Waldron's 2005 book, Ultimate Sacrifice: John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK.

Waldron interviewed Tampa Police Chief Mullins who said he was concerned about several tall buildings. However, one of his comments is revealing. Waldron says Mullins "said he depended on hotel staff to keep him abreast of any suspicious or strange people." Really? You're really worried about the hotel but you rely on hotel staff?

There is no mention of Mullins' concern about the Floridan Hotel in Gerald Blaine's 2011 book, The Kennedy Detail: JFK's Secret Service Agents Break Their Silence.

Here is the Final Survey Report of the Secret Service, written by Gerald Blaine, about JFK's Tampa trip:

Kennedy visited Tampa on November 18, 1963. Here are some pictures from his almost thirty-mile long motorcade that show JFK standing in the limousine:

Nagle then conflates the Miami trip and the Tampa trip:

Cancelled Motorcade

A Cuban-American who had returned from Communist Cuba in the summer of 1962, Gilberto Policarpo Lopez, was a member of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee, was separated from his wife, and had reportedly been involved in a fist fight for his pro-Castro sympathies.

Listed in immigration documents as a resident of Tampa, Lopez applied for and received a Mexican tourist card from the Mexican consulate there on Nov. 20.

On the day of Kennedy’s assassination, Lopez would find himself in Texas, crossing the US-Mexico border at Nuevo Laredo in the middle of the night and arriving in Mexico the next day.

On Nov. 27, he would board a flight from Mexico City to Havana as the sole passenger. Lopez was secretly investigated by the FBI on behalf of the Warren Commission, and the CIA collected information and kept a file on him.

Afflicted with grand mal epilepsy that caused frequent seizures, Lopez was two months shy of his 24th birthday when he flew to Cuba.

Nagle has the story about Gilberto Policarpo Lopez all wrong: Here is an excerpt from a previous blog post about Lopez:

I have no reason to doubt that Gilberto Policarpo Lopez was who he appeared to be: a young man who came to the United States, got married and then had his marriage fall apart. He couldn't speak English and could only get menial jobs. He had significant health problems, and he missed his family in Cuba. He then decided to go back to Cuba, where they could help take care of him.

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There was no plot in Tampa.

There was also no plot against JFK in Chicago:

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