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Is Jefferson Morley Seeing Double?

“CIA operations have not been held effectively subordinate to U.S. foreign policy,” declared Richard Goodwin, speechwriter and adviser to President John F. Kennedy, in June 1961.
Writing in the aftermath of the Agency’s failed invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs in April 1961, Goodwin laid out a case for reorganization of the CIA.
Goodwin’s doubts about the CIA were shared by Arthur Schlesinger Jr., another JFK adviser, who also wrote a memo to JFK in June 1961 about reining in the power of the clandestine service.

While the document is in a Richard Goodwin binder of the Church Committee, the memo itself was written by Arthur Schlesinger.

Morley goes on to write:

A major portion of Goodwin’s memo, like Schlesinger’s, is still off-limits to the American people six decades later, thanks to a CIA-authored “Transparency Plan” approved by President Biden on June 30.
[You can see the censored portions of Schlesinger’s memo here, and of Goodwin’s here.]

Click on the links and you will find that both lead to the same memo -- one written by Schlesinger.

Morley has written about the Schlesinger memo often, in July: in mid-June, and at the beginning of June.

Will Jefferson Morley correct this error? Or will he let his readers believe there are two memos on CIA reorganization that are still redacted.

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