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Fred Litwin, CIA Apologist?

CIA apologist Fred Litwin can be counted on to provide overwhelming, irrefutable proof that this deluded man [Paul Landis] was just another irrational conspiracy theorist, already under the hellish time-traveling influence of Oliver Stone and Jefferson Morley, another woke fool not smart enough to appreciate, amid the flying bullets, that Dale K. Myers’ animated reconstruction of Dealey Plaza five decades in the future would prove beyond a reasonable doubt that racism did not affect the JFK crime scene in any way.

Where do I even begin?

My posts on Paul Landis (see the links below) all focus on his statements over the years. I have not stated that he was deluded nor have I ever stated that he was "just another irrational conspiracy theorist." Nor did I ever say he was under the influence of Oliver Stone or Jefferson Morley. Landis states he was under the influence of Josiah Thompson's book, Six Seconds in Dallas.

The second part of Morley's convoluted paragraph makes no sense whatsoever. Dale Myers' animation has nothing to do with racism nor with Paul Landis. It remains probably the best reconstruction of Dealey Plaza. If Jefferson Morley has a problem with it, he should level some sort of coherent criticism, rather than a drive-by slur.

Paul Landis initially believed there were two shots fired in Dealey Plaza and he has since said he believes there were three. Does Morley accept that there were only three shots fired that day?

Morley ends his post with a crazy conclusion:

I will add my personal opinion that racism warps the JFK story today because it blinds white people and black people, historians and journalists, JFK researchers and anti-conspiracy theorists, to Paul Landis’s story that there was a frightened black man running for cover on the grassy knoll that fateful day.

I guess everybody is blinded except Jefferson Morley.

Lots of people were frightened and they all reacted in different ways. This black man might have even believed he was running for cover. But no one actually knows, including Jefferson Morley.

We know that Dealey Plaza was an echo chamber, and while most people thought the shots came from the Texas School Book Depository, some did feel the shots came from the grassy knoll. However, very few earwitnesses believed the shots came from two different locations.

I urge people to read Paul Landis's various statements, over the years, and come to your own conclusion.

As for my being a CIA apologist, well, it seems I have been downgraded from being an agent of some sort. I hope the checks keep on coming.

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