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Edwin Black Speaks to the HSCA

Edwin Black was the author of a 1975 article in the Chicago Independent about a supposed plot against JFK in Chicago in November of 1963.

The HSCA spoke to Edwin Black on the telephone:

The HSCA then sent James Kelly and Howard Rose to Chicago to interview Edwin Black:

RIF# 180-10080-10226, Box 110 of HSCA numbered files.

The funniest part of this memo is when James Kelly writes "I assured him [Edwin Black] that the chief threat to us in the dining room was probably from the food."

Somehow, Black ended up convincing Mr. Kelly that Abraham Bolden was the source for his story. This corroborates what Bolden told the HSCA.

I have also emailed Edwin Black to ask about his story. He never replied. As he says in the above interview, once a story "was printed he went on to the next one."

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