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Mark Lane and The Progressive

Sylvia Meagher sent this note to a variety of JFK researchers:

Previous Relevant Blog Posts on Mark Lane

Mark Lane's addition to the 1992 edition of Rush to Judgment is eye opening.

Lane tells Dolan about Garrison's amazing evidence.

Lane makes a startling allegation.

A profile from Mother Jones magazine.

Lane and Meagher feuded about a blurb for her book.

A profile from Esquire Magazine.

An article from the Tampa Bay Times.

An Anthony Lewis column on Mark Lane from 1978.

Howard Roffman finds that Mark Lane's scholarship is lacking.

A profile of Mark Lane in Newsweek.

For $25,000 Mark Lane offers to introduce Jim Garrison to a witness that would tie Jack Ruby with Clay Shaw.

This post has a good case study of how Mark Lane exploited a redaction in a document.


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