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Mark Lane on the Joe Dolan Show

Joe Dolan had a radio talk show on KNEW in Oakland in the 1960s.

Lane had been in New Orleans visiting Jim Garrison.

Money Quote:

Mark Lane: I've seen the evidence, Joe, and I know what the evidence shows. It shows that a very powerful, domestic force, which remains part of the American structure now, planned the events which culminated in the assassination of President Kennedy, and that anti-Castro Cubans executed the program. They didn't participate in the planning stages, but they pulled the trigger. Mr. Garrison has the evidence. It's overwhelming; it's documented in terms of eye-witness testimony, in terms of various documentary testimony, and he's going to present this and when he does, of course there'll be a great sense of outrage in the country, and with good reason, because it will then become plain why the government felt it had to issue a report which bore no relationship to the truth, because the kind of disclosures which will be made there in that courtroom are just the kind which no government has ever voluntarily made about itself.

Here's another short excerpt from that Mort Sahl Show:

Money Quote:

Mark Lane: He [Jim Garrison] knows -- and this of course was the most startling evidence that has been presented me -- he presents it with great detail ... so that it is impossible not to accept it ... indicating that he is relying on various witnesses, not just one "key" witness .. and not only witnesses but documentary evidence ... which just cannot be denied ... Garrison knows now, and has told me .. and I think aside from Garrison's staff, I am the only persons in America -- in the world -- who knows ... what the evidence shows.

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