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Mark Lane offers to introduce Jim Garrison to "Mr. Candy"

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Yes, and for $25,000 "Mr. Candy" would deliver information that would tie Clay Shaw with Jack Ruby. Here is Mark Lane's letter to Jim Garrison:

I don't think Garrison met "Mr. Candy." Anybody with a modicum of intelligence would have told him to get lost. But, not Mark Lane. He actually wanted to set up a meeting.

And, what a missed opportunity for a Mark Lane book about the Jim Garrison investigation! It would have been a blast. Of course Lane would have written an honest appraisal of what went on in New Orleans, no?

So consider what Mark Lane published in 1992 in a new edition of his book, Rush To Judgment. He included a guide to the film JFK:

On page xxxii Lane writes that "I never saw credible evidence which convinced me that he [Clay Shaw] had ever used the alias." I have to wonder if he would have mentioned that if he had written that book he had proposed to Garrison. I also wonder why he waited until 1992 to make such a statement. Clay Shaw was facing twenty years in prison and Mark Lane kept quiet about the central claim of the prosecution - a claim he saw no evidence to support.

Some defense attorney!


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