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Did Breck Wall order Jack Ruby to Kill Oswald?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Jack Ruby called Breck Wall on Saturday night, November 23rd, to talk about his problems with the American Guild of Variety Artists (AGVA). Garrison implies that Breck Wall gave the order to Ruby to kill Oswald, and his notation is from 1977.

The notation on the upper right reads as follows:

"8/3/77 Note: within 1 hour after DF's [David Ferrie] check-in here, RUBY makes his last l/d call for the night, calling BRECK WALL who has already arrived in GALVESTON. Next A.M. - w/o any more l/d calls - RUBY goes to police HQ + kills Oswald."

On the bottom part of the memo is more nonsense. "An Observation on an American Success Story." I don't know if jointly owning a filling station (which only lasted about ten months) is an example of "subsequent upward mobility." But to Garrison this all ties together into something suspicious.

I covered Ferrie's trip to Houston and Galveston here, and here.

In March 1967 Garrison gave an interview to Lawrence Schiller who was then taking photographs for Life Magazine. I don't have the document, but here is a description in the Peter Vea index.


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