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Why Didn't Paul Landis Come Forward Before?

Here is Paul Landis appearing on NBC:

Here is an excerpt from a transcript: (15:49)

Gadi Schwartz: There's so many people that are watching this, they're gonna wonder why come forward now. Why not say something earlier?

Paul Landis: Well, nobody asked me and I never thought about it. It was, I didn't read anything about the assassination. I had nightmares. I buried everything. I refuse to read anything about it. Because I figured I'd been there. I witnessed it. I didn't need to read anything. All the assassination theories and things that were out there, I never took a look at. There was only one book, and it was, just coincidentally happened in 2014. I had been doing volunteer work for the Shaker Heights Police Department and the chief of police came ... we were doing a property auction. The police chief came and said, "Paul, I have a book that I think you'd be interested in." And he gave me this book, and it was called Six Seconds in Dallas. I took it home thinking I'd read it immediately but I just put it on a nightstand. And it was three months before I decided it was time to start reading about what was going on.

Landis says "nobody asked me."


He has spoke to the press in 1988 and in 2013, and he even did an oral history project with the Sixth Floor Museum, and he says, "nobody asked me."

This reminds me of Garrison's witnesses, notably the ones from Clinton.

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