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Was Guy Banister a CIA/FBI Mastermind?

Updated: Feb 2

If you believe the conspiracy books, Guy Banister was some sort of CIA/FBI mastermind whose detective agency was up to all sorts of no-good government business.

For instance, Joan Mellen writes in her book A Farewell to Justice: (page 68)

Virtually everyone connected with Banister worked for one intelligence agency or another, so that Garrison finally said, "It's almost semantics to discuss whether Banister was ONI or CIA. What difference does it make?"

The truth is that by 1963 Banister was a violent drunk who could not even pay his rent:

New Orleans Times-Picayune June 18, 1964

And that wasn't all -- Banister had troubles with the IRS. Here is an excerpt from a Garrison memo, dated January 18, 1967, on an interview with Sam Newman:

You would have thought that the FBI and the CIA could have straightened out Banister's issues with the IRS and at least sent enough business his way to pay the rent.

In 1960, the CIA did consider using Banister's business as a cover:

Here is another CIA memo about the possible usage of Banister's agency:

Here is a memo with their decision:

The CIA did not use Banister's agency::

Here is the CIA evaluation of Guy Banister's business:

The rest of the document has additional information on Guy Banister and his business.

You can read more of the CIA Office of Security file on Banister here.

Of course, much is made of this document about Banister supplying information to the CIA about the sale of jeeps:

Here is an article from the October 1, 1960 edition of the New Orleans Times-Picayune about the jeeps:

Here is a CIA document on their relationship with Banister:

Garrison might have believed that Banister "had intimate ties with the CIA and the Office of Naval Intelligence," yet he also knew that Banister was evicted for not paying his rent. You'd think he might have thought that was a clue to the real relationship between Banister and the intelligence agencies.

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