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Mancuso's Restaurant

Mancuso's Restaurant was on the corner of Camp Street and Lafayette Street in New Orleans. Above the restaurant was Guy Banister's office. Both Jack Martin and David Lewis claim they saw Oswald in Mancuso's with either Sergio Arcacha Smith or Carlos Quiroga in 1963.

That is the Post Office building next door to Mancuso's.

On the left (A) is 544 Camp Street; on the right (B) is 531 Lafayette Street - the entrance for Banister's office; and (C) on the second floor, Room 6, was Sergio Arcacha Smith's office.

Here is a statement from David Chandler who was a reporter who was very close to Garrison at the beginning of the investigation. He was there when David Lewis gave a statement:

Of course, Oswald was not in New Orleans in 1962. Lewis would later amend his statement to 1963.

Here is a memo not often mentioned by conspiracy theorists:

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The large building right next door to Camp & Lafayette was the old Post Office. Garrison believed that it was a CIA front.


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