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The Diaries of Tom Bethell and Richard Billings

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Tom Bethell was a Garrison staffer and Richard Billings was an editor at Life Magazine. They both kept diaries of the Garrison investigation and, on my documents page, you can download a document with both diaries.

My document collects the Bethell entries from the late John McAdams’ site and the Billings entries from David Reitzes’ site.

In April, Hood College uploaded the Sylvia Meagher archives. There is a folder of her correspondence with Tom Bethell and a folder with documents he sent her.

I noticed that several of Bethell's documents contain additional diary entries. I decided to add these pages to my Bethell-Billings document. Here is a summary of the additions:

Beginning of Diary, 23 additional pages

Entries beginning June 1, 1967, 13 pages

January 17, 1968, one insert

After April 4, 1968, 2 pages

Last entries to the diary, 11 pages

I have added an additional 50 pages to his diary.

Here are the complete Bethell-Billings diaries (PDF)

complete bethell billings diaries
Download PDF • 11.98MB

Here are the complete Bethell-Billings diaries in Word format:

complete bethell billings diaries
Download DOCX • 53.22MB

If anybody has some good ideas on how I can easily convert this document into text, let me know.

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