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Tom Bethell Died This Week at Age 84, R.I.P.

Any student of the Garrison investigation will know of the key role played by Tom Bethell. He was hired as a researcher and he spent a lot of time in Dallas and in Washington D.C. There are many crackpot memos amongst the Garrison papers, but Bethell's memos were always intelligent and well-written. He kept an indispensable diary of his time working for Garrison, and he was the staffer who leaked a list of witnesses to Shaw's defense team.

His autobiography has a terrific chapter on Jim Garrison, well worth the price of the book.

Bethell spent a lot of his time writing criticizing Darwin and the theory of evolution. I think he was wrong, but that is the stuff of life.

I have previously posted a Tom Bethell article on the Oliver Stone film JFK.

Here is an article he wrote for National Review on Jim Garrison:

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