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Paul Bleau and the Second Oswald

His article alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald had an escort who accompanied him on many occasions. Bleau believes that the escort "was often described as short, stocky, in his early to mid-twenties, dark complected and he spoke little English or English with an accent."

I have actually dealt with this ridiculous allegation in this blog post: Who Exactly was the Man with a Scar? Somehow Bleau missed the scar.

Bleau presented 30 witnesses who described this supposed escort, and yesterday I covered#16 - Raymond Brouillette.

Here is Bleau's #27 - Harvey Wade:

Harvey Lawill Wade -Carousel Club Clients (Garrison Files, Misc. 2, WC CE 2370)

On November 10, Wade attended the Carousel Club and saw Oswald in the company of two male companions, one of whom he describes as follows: “The number two man is described as a white male, 30-32 years old, 200 lbs, 5 feet 10 inches, a stocky build, long black hair, dark complexion, oval face, and Mexican or Spanish in appearance. He had numerous bumps on his face and was believed to have a one-inch scar in the eyebrow of his left eye.”

It's fine and dandy to talk about Wade's companion, but it is all irrelevant if Wade was just mistaken.

You can read all about Harvey Wade here. He came forward right after the assassination to claim that he saw Oswald at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club on the evening of November 10, 1963.

The biggest problem with Mr. Wade's allegation is that on November 10, 1963, Oswald was at Ruth Paine's home. Here are two excerpts from her testimony before the Warren Commission:

That was not the end of Mr. Harvey Wade. He resurfaced during the Garrison investigation:

Boxley knew that the solution to the problem was that Wade had not seen Oswald - he had seen the second Oswald. Not surprisingly, Wade "responded exuberantly" to the news that he was right after all.

All of this may impress Mr. Bleau and Mr. DiEugenio. In fact, Mr. DiEugenio includes the Harvey Wade story in an article on his website. But the fact of the matter is that Lee Harvey Oswald was not in the Carousel Club that evening and thus the issue of the so-called escort is moot.

Unless Mr. Bleau is maintaining that the second Oswald also had an escort. Perhaps we can call that person the "Second Escort."

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