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Mary Ferrell and Sylvia Meagher on Roger Craig

Updated: 21 hours ago

Note Meagher's comment about Penn Jones: "Penn Jones is a dear and good and brave man; he is governed largely by his feelings about the case -- feelings which I share to a considerable degree -- but he is not a researcher or a scholar, in the true sense, and he accepts quite indiscriminately rumor, allegation, and revision that has the merit of supporting his basic views if no other merit. I am deeply sorry that he has compromised himself by sponsoring Roger Craig, who is a flagrant liar."

Previous Relevant Blog Posts on Roger Craig

Craig told Lane some really crazy stuff.

Roger Craig wrote a memo to Jim Garrison about Marina Oswald's doctor.

Garrison charges Edgar Eugene Bradley with conspiracy to kill JFK, and Roger Craig says that Bradley was the Secret Service man he encountered outside the TSBD.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that Bradley was one of the three tramps. A few letters in this post mention Roger Craig.


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