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Marina Oswald's Doctor was a Homosexual!

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Here is a memo written by Roger Craig with some important information.

I found this memo in the papers of Bill Boxley, an investigator for Garrison. A lot of the memos have the TO and FROM excised. But the Peter Vea index of Garrison documents at the AARC shows that this memo was written by Roger Craig.

Garrison is most interested in people who are homosexuals. His notion reads: "Re "doctors" *Note that Layton Martens, when in N.O., lives with Dr. Max Rafferty; Note also that Dr. Martin Palmer, of N.O., is close friend of Shaw's and was one of the last persons to see Dr. Mary Sherman."

What does this all mean? To Garrison, this was another example of propinquity. Yes, doctors must have something to do with one another - and, even more importantly, they are gay doctors.

.But so what?

Roger Craig wrote a crazy memo, and Garrison found it interesting.


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