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Mark Lane Interviews Roger Craig

Here is an unpublished Garrison investigation memo:

Some comments on this memo:

  • The whole interview was three hours. I wonder if there is a tape of the interview.

  • Craig said he heard three shots.

  • The jacket at the Tippit murder site was the same jacket as worn by the driver of the Rambler station wagon which picked up Lee Harvey Oswald. I have not seen that allegation before.

  • The station wagon had out of state plates. Here is what Craig told David Belin in his Warren Commission testimony:

  • Craig said the transcripts of the police were incorrect.

  • Helen Markham identified a police officer as the murderer of Tippit.

  • Jack Ruby was in the hallway when he identified Oswald to Fritz.

  • Hand grenades and ammunition were found in a storage area behind Jack Ruby's apartment.

  • Evidence that Craig was in the interrogation room with Oswald is now missing.

  • The murder of Tippit was part of escape scheme of the assassins to divert attention.

  • Buddy Walthers was growing marijuana in his back yard.

Does anybody still believe that Roger Craig has any credibility?

Here is the article from the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

New Orleans Times-Picayune, November 3, 1967

I love the line: "Roger Craig, a former county deputy sheriff in Dallas, said he did not report the incident to police in the belief that Garrison would not want him to."

Here is an article from the Longview [Texas] News-Journal from November 2, 1967:

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Garrison charges Edgar Eugene Bradley with conspiracy to kill JFK, and Roger Craig says that Bradley was the Secret Service man he encountered outside the TSBD.

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