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Layton Martens is Interviewed by Clay Shaw's Attorneys

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Layton Martens was questioned before the grand jury on March 29, 1967. He told Garrison that he never saw Clay Shaw and David Ferrie together. A future blog post will examine his testimony. Garrison also asked Martens if he had sexual relations with David Ferrie.

Russo tells Martens that "he could have been hypnotized and misled into the whole thing. He doesn't really know for sure."

Russo says he'd like to sit down and have an opportunity to talk to Clay Shaw.

Martens tried to get Russo to tell him why he didn't go the Warren Commission, but "there doesn't seem to be any answer for it."

Russo probably realizes it was a mistake to tell Martens about the $25,000 promise.

Russo now thinks they might have been talking about Castro at the so-called assassination gathering.

Layton Martens never heard of Russo until the Garrison probe and he was quite close to Ferrie. Now Russo admits that he didn't know Ferrie all that well. But perhaps Russo met with Ferrie when Martens was out of town.

Russo denies telling Sheridan that he wants out, but then tells Martens that he wants out. The Shaw and Ruby connection relates to a story told by the Reverend Clyde Johnson.

Russo tells Martens that Garrison wanted a preliminary hearing "to alleviate Garrison from any responsibility or kickback if it goes against him." That is similar to what Clay Shaw wrote in his journal.

The 'air line people' refers to the V.I.P. Room incident. I am not sure what incidents they are talking about in regards to North Louisiana, or the West Coast. Baton Rouge is the Clyde Johnson story mentioned above. It's interesting that Russo says they know the date of the assassination party but don't want to say -- quite possibly because Oswald might not have been in New Orleans. Russo also won't say exactly who was at the party, but does say that Lefty Peterson and Sandra Moffett were there.

Russo is one of the last people left at the party and is then involved in a discussion about the assassination of a President. Ridiculous on its face. Russo is convinced he is not a key witness, but "he realizes he's in a tight spot."

I find it hard to believe Russo was still selling insurance. I suspect he was getting money from Garrison, but just didn't want to say.

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