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Perry Russo Talks to Layton Martens

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Here is a memo from 1967, probably written by one of Clay Shaw's attorneys, that you won't find quoted in any conspiracy book.

Here is the memo that Martens wrote:

And here is a letter that Ed Wegmann wrote to his brother and Irvin Dymond:

Perry Russo was conflicted. He was horrified that Garrison's case against Clay Shaw was entirely based on his testimony. He was told that there was a lot of other evidence, but there wasn't.

Not one of David Ferrie's friends backed up Perry Russo's story about a party at which an assassination was discussed. Gus Russo wrote, in his book Live By the Sword: (page 411)

"Between Morris [Brownlee], Al {Beauboeuf], and Alan [Campbell], one or more of us were at Dave's apartment practically every night that year [1963]. And none of us heard any talk of killing Kennedy, none of us ever saw Clay Shaw, and none of us remember a Perry Russo."

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