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Did Clay Shaw Pay Off Jack Ruby?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

One of the crazier stories to come out of the so-called Garrison investigation was that of Slidin' Clyde Johnson. He was a fringe candidate running to be Governor of Louisiana. He claimed that he met Clay Shaw, who was using the pseudonym of Alton Bernard, in a hotel room in Baton Rouge. There were two other men in the room - Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, and 'Alton Bernard' gave envelopes of cash to Oswald, Ruby and Johnson.

It was part of a ridiculous scheme to lure Kennedy to the south.

Sound far-fetched? I tell this story in Chapter 13 of my book, On The Trail of Delusion - Jim Garrison: The Great Accuser. Jim Garrison believed the story and actually listed Clyde Johnson's meeting with Ruby, Shaw and Oswald in a list of overt acts during the jury selection of the Shaw trial. Mysteriously, the overt act vanished, when the trial actually started.

The meeting was supposedly on September 3, 1963 and so the Shaw defense team needed to determine the whereabouts of Jack Ruby.

Here is a letter that Hugh Aynesworth, a reporter for Newsweek, sent to Shaw's attorney. Note the comments on Abraham Zapruder.

And so Clay Shaw's defense team got in touch with Eva Grant - they were interested in more information on Jack Ruby and in the possibility she would testify for Shaw.

Here is her reply:

Edward Wegman wrote back:

Here is her reply:

Since Garrison dropped the overt act of the supposed meeting of Shaw, Oswald and Ruby, there was no need for Grant to testify or to prove that Ruby was not in Baton Rouge on September 3rd.

Interestingly, many conspiracy theorists still believe the story of Clyde Johnson, although he is not mentioned in Garrison's book On The Trail of The Assassins.


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