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Did Dean Andrews admit that Clay Shaw was Clay Bertrand?

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Harold Weisberg spent a lot of time in New Orleans assisting Jim Garrison and interviewing witnesses. He also spent some time with Dean Andrews, the jive-talking hip lawyer who told the Warren Commission that a Mr. Bertrand called him looking for a lawyer for Lee Harvey Oswald.

In one of their conversations, Weisberg believed that Andrews admitted that Shaw was Bertrand. Here is an excerpt from Destiny Betrayed by James DiEugenio (page 388):

Here is what Harold Weisberg wrote in his unpublished book.

Ok, but what specifically did Dean Andrews say? Well, Joan Mellen was wondering the same thing and she wrote Weisberg a letter:

And, here is his reply:

So, Andrews never really came out and said that Shaw was Bertrand. He said, "If the Green Giant gets past that, he is home clear." I think that Weisberg read just a little too much into Andrews' words.


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