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Did Carlos Marcello's Doctor Friend Know About Clay Bertrand?

Updated: Mar 4

James DiEugenio, in his book Destiny Betrayed, writes that "Dr. Jacob Hety knew a gay man named Greg Donnelly. Donnelly had known Shaw for many years, and he had referred to him as Clay Bertrand." (page 387)

His reference is a memo from February 14, 1968:

DiEugenio gets the name wrong - It is Dr. Kety, not Dr. Hety.

Of course, DiEugenio doesn't really give you the full flavor of what Dr. Kety said in the interview. When talking about Clay Shaw, Sanders noted that "he seemed confused at this point." It appears that Kety really meant Clay Le Verne [Clay Shaw's middle name was Lavergne], and not Clay Bertrand. DiEugenio adds certainty to a claim that is not really being made.

So, what happened with this lead?

Well, here is an excerpt from a 'new leads' memo written after the Shaw trial.

The lead is still there - to be followed up more than a year later. I guess it didn't appear to be that urgent. And no mention of Bertrand. There are no further memos regarding Greg Donnelly.

As mentioned in the memo above, Kety was related to Harold Weisberg, and is mentioned in his book Oswald in New Orleans: (page 395)

Did Dr. Kety tell Weisberg about Donnelly and Shaw? Did he not mention Bertrand? Did nobody ask Weisberg about this lead? Or, were they not speaking?

The FBI’s extensive coverage of Marcello turned up an interesting telegram:

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