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Jefferson Morley is Wrong on William Harvey, Again!

Jefferson Morley's latest Substack post about six assassination files caught my attention. Yesterday I posted an article about supposed redactions in an Operations Northwoods document.

Morley also has it wrong on William Harvey. Here is what he wrote:

Removing redactions in the testimony of CIA assassination chief William K. Harvey and in the personnel file of Cuba operations chief David Phillips will shed light on their role in the surveillance of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee and the events of 1963. Reiner alleges Harvey and Phillips, along with counterintelligence chief James Angleton, plotted to kill the president.

Once again, the redactions have been revealed over time.

There is only one word redacted here, and that is the only redaction in the entire document.

William Harvey's deposition has absolutely nothing to do with surveillance of the Fair Play for Cuba Committee.

I should add that Harvey was not "CIA Assassination Chief" and that it's ridiculous to believe he had anything to with the JFK assassination.

I covered this in two blog posts:

There is no credible evidence Harvey was in Dallas in November of 1963.

A rebuttal to Morley's response to my post Was Bill Harvey in Dallas in November of 1963?

Here is an excerpt from Gus Russo's excellent book, Live by the Sword: The Secret War Against Castro and the Death of JFK: (page 304)

Sardinia, Italy
Bill Harvey, the CIA’s former Mongoose coordinator, was unconscious. His drinking had progressed from habit to disease after his exile to Italy a year earlier. When the telex noting Kennedy’s murder was received by his deputy, Harvey had to be awakened from a late-day martini stupor. The man who hated the Kennedys, both for their treatment of him and for their naive directives regarding Cuba, staggered to his feet.
What he said to his deputy should be taken with Harvey’s condition in mind, and the fact that there is only one witness to his comments, but that witness was so stunned that he wrote it down for posterity. “This was bound to happen,” blustered Harvey, “and it’s probably good that it did.” Soon, when Harvey discovered that his deputy was spending time helping local officials with condolences, he sent the deputy packing for the U.S. “I haven’t got time for this kind of crap,” Harvey told him.

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