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Dr. Cyril Wecht Complains

Dr. Cyril Wecht's experience on the HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel (FPP) was not a happy experience. He was frequently outvoted 8-1 on a variety of issues and his frustration exploded in the fall of 1978.

It all started with his letter to Dr. Charles Petty:

Did Cyril Wecht believe he was the only objective person when it came to the JFK assassination? Of course, he already had firm opinions on the case when he was named to the HSCA Forensic Pathology Panel.

Wecht charged that Dr. Petty, who had previously worked for Dr. Fisher (a member of the Clark Panel), would thus not dare disagree with Fisher's conclusions. And so Wecht believes that Dr. Petty possesses absolutely no agency.

Why wouldn't someone want to work for Dr. Fisher? Wecht described Dr. Fisher as one of the "greatest forensic pathologists in the world" in his critique of JFK's autopsy in Josiah Thompson's book, Six Seconds in Dallas. (page 279)

And, if you examine Wecht's 1974 article on the medical evidence, you'll find that he agreed with the Clark Panel on just about everything. Wecht also believed that the entry wound in JFK's head was in the cowlick area.

Now Wecht argued that any association with Fisher was radioactive.

Lastly, it is somewhat pathetic that Wecht writes in his last paragraph that "I should be flattered that two nationally recognized experts in forensic pathology should consciously and subconsciously color their opinions and shape their conclusions, based in large measure upon their antipathy and envy of me."

They shaped their conclusions based upon their "antipathy" to Wecht? They were envious of Wecht?

Dr. Joseph Davis then sent this note to the forensic pathology panel:

And here is his reply to Dr. Wecht:

And then Wecht just had to reply:

After writing about Dr. Petty and Dr. Davis, Wecht then decided to write Louis Stokes, Chairman of the HSCA, about Dr. Spitz and Dr. Weston:

So, of course, Weston, and Spitz would have prior opinions about the medical evidence.

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