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Dr. Cyril Wecht is Proud to be a Conspiracy Theorist

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

There's no shortage of conspiracy theorists who bristle at the term 'conspiracy theorists.' It seems that Dr. Cyril Wecht has some advice for them - wear the term as a "badge of honor."

"The term 'conspiracy theorist' is tossed around by those who resent that we don't buy the official story. They sneer that we can't prove what we claim -- while slamming the door on declassifying government files that might help us to do that very thing. They want to make us seem like paranoid time-wasters for pursuing this case for all these years. They'd like us to shut up and find a new hobby, one that won't cast aspersions on their past actions and continual cover-up.
But we who are true believers in the idea of government malfeasance are not oppressed at being termed conspiracy theorists. We're fine with those two simple words because they cast doubt on the party line. We wear those words proudly, as our badge of honor."

Gee, all the people I know who believe that Oswald was the lone gunman also want all the files released. Does Wecht really believe that any withheld or redacted files will really prove their so-called case?


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