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Dr. Cyril Wecht on Lovelady

Cyril Wecht's memoir, The JFK Assassination Dissected, revisits the question of whether Oswald was on the front steps of the TSBD during the assassination: (page 267 of the Kindle version)

But Marina had a mission with her call to me. She wondered if, given the advanced photographic analysis possible today, it might be possible to enhance the Ike Altgens photo that shows numerous people gathered at the entrance of the book depository. Most experts have agreed that the thin, dark-haired man on the left side is Billy Lovelady, an employee who testified to the Warren Commission that the photo is, indeed, him. Various color films also show the man in question, and they comport with the facial architecture of Lovelady. But some skeptics have always believed the man to be Oswald, which would mean he was outside while the motorcade passed by and not on the sixth floor, as authorities stated, or in the lunchroom, as Oswald claimed. Lovelady and Oswald do share a general resemblance. Recently, Ralph Cinque, a blogger who runs a website arguing for Oswald’s innocence, raised the question that when Lovelady was asked during testimony to put a black ink “X” over his image in the photo, he may have instead marked the man to his immediate left—whose arms are covering his head, obscuring his face. Cinque asserts that the black X is on a black background and can’t be detected with the naked eye. Lovelady can’t be questioned because he died in 1979, yet all of the other employees who gave sworn testimony named him as among the employees on the steps, and not one of them stated Oswald was standing with them. I can see why the matter would be of great importance to Marina and her family. I couldn’t give Marina any guidance except to say that the National Archives controls the Altgens original, so any permission for new testing would have to be approved by their curators.

Why on earth is Dr. Wecht revisiting this old controversy? This was settled ages ago:


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