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Did David Ferrie Have a Picture of Clay Shaw in Drag?

When Delphine Roberts (secretary to Guy Banister) was interviewed by the HSCA, she told them several things she clearly made up. Here is the report in full:

Some comments:

  1. Roberts said she met both Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife Marina in Banister's office.

  2. Lee Harvey Oswald was interviewed for an investigator position for Guy Banister.

  3. She believed that both David Ferrie and Guy Banister were murdered, and she kept quiet because she was scared.

  4. In the pistol-whipping episode between Jack Martin and Guy Banister, Martin threw the first punch.

  5. Ferrie showed Banister pictures of Clay Shaw in drag and Banister kept the photos.

I don't believe any of this. The allegation regarding Shaw sounds like something a homophobe would make up: yes, Shaw was a homosexual and so he must have dressed in drag. There is no evidence that Shaw ever dressed in drag, not even on Mardi Gras.

I also asked Don Carpenter, author of Man of a Million Fragments, who is undoubtedly the expert on Clay Shaw and he saw no evidence that Shaw dressed in drag.

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